Pea soup

This shot is from the wonderful Image Interiors and Living magazine July/August issue. I had great fun with this, can’t begin to describe what a hit it is to grow something from seed, nurture it, pick it, cook it and photograph it. It was a real blast 🙂 I had quite a good crop of … Continue reading Pea soup

I’m back.

I feel I should apologise for my long absence, life has a strange way of distracting you from your chosen path sometimes. At the same time, family does and should come first. The shot of the tomatillos is from last summer, I had so many I really didn’t know what to do with them all. … Continue reading I’m back.


The wind is making whistling noises down the chimney and there are big fluffy snowflakes swirling around outside, I don’t think I need any more excuses to make a big hug of a pot of soup to hunker down with. Every day is a ‘mystery box challenge’ as I rummage through the veg drawer and … Continue reading Time


I had the good fortune to spend two weeks last September, cooking in a beautiful Chateau  on the Atlantic coast of France. Now there is one thing I absolutely love to do in a foreign country and that’s shopping. I mean food shopping in supermarkets.  I know there is the obvious charm and gentle ripple … Continue reading Preserving

Apple and Almond Tart

Serves 6-8 Sometimes called Normandy Apple Tart, best served warm with some nicely chilled pouring cream. You will need Good quality, shortcrust frozen pastry Apple Filling 4 Cox’s Pippin’s Apples Almond Cream Filling 115g unsalted butter, at room temperature 85g caster sugar 85g ground almonds 2 tsp plain flour 1 tsp cornflour 1 large egg … Continue reading Apple and Almond Tart

Apple Curd

Makes 5 x1lb Jars I’ve used this instead of jam in a Victoria sandwich, it was delicious. You will need 700g cooking apples – peeled, cored and sliced 150ml water Juice of 1 lemon 340g granulated sugar 2 large eggs, beaten 110g butter 1 pinch ground ginger Method 1. In a saucepan over a medium … Continue reading Apple Curd

Tarte Tatin

Ideally make this the day before as the natural pectin in the apples will almost ‘set’ the tart. Re heat gently in a low oven for about 10 minutes before carefully turning out onto a plate. Serves 6   You Will Need Good quality shop bought puff pastry For the filling 40ml water 100g caster … Continue reading Tarte Tatin